How Successful Leaders Score Better in Decisions

Winning decisions require thinking outside the box and being open to other opportunities that may present themselves. Our Precision S.​A.​ Inc. team has some practices they employ to ensure that they make informed decisions:

Get Honest Input: When leaders ask team members for input regarding decisions, they assume they’re getting whole stories. Our Precision S.​A.​ Inc. team notes that being open with our top ambassadors – especially if they must present different views – is something that many people struggle with when asked to contribute thoughts. The best thing to do is pay attention to nonverbal cues that could indicate whether you’re getting the full story. This could be silence, evasiveness, or eye-rolling. Ask for more clarity if needed or decide if an individual’s input is necessary.

Be Open to Alternate Points of View: As an ambassador, you have an obligation to listen and assess information that comes to you. These could be ideas that contradict your original thoughts and plans. This is vital information to gather. You might even end up challenging your first premise and arriving at a decision that’s different but better overall.

Use a Three-Strike Rule: Our Precision S.​A.​ Inc. team likes to give people a chance to weigh in with the consideration of a three-strike rule. It’s the idea that people should present new information, especially if they object to decisions more than once. With the opportunity for everyone to speak up, after three chances, the decision is made and everyone is expected to accept it.

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