How to Prepare to Give a Great Presentation

Every presentation requires a considerable degree of preparation, and no engagements are the same. This is the case in just about every profession, from business to acting and even athletics. In other words, success depends on the warm-up.

The physical warm-up is an often-overlooked aspect of preparation. We’ve learned to combat nervousness by getting our blood flowing. This is done with some basic stretches and simple exercise. These activities not only act as outlets for excess energy, but they also help us stay mentally grounded.

Of course, we warm up mentally as well. Some deep breathing exercises keep us centered and calm, while further maximizing blood flow. Visualization – a common practice around Precision S.​A.​ Inc. – also puts us in the right mind-set. Imagining ourselves giving well-received and memorable presentations always motivates us!

Our preparation wouldn’t be complete without vocal warm-up. When it comes to presenting, your voice is far too important of a tool to neglect. We care for our voices by humming some tunes of our favorite songs. Doing so while doing a few head rolls adds a bit of extra rigor to the exercise. 

Physical, mental, and voice warm-ups effectively prepare us to shine as ambassadors for good.